Signature Products

Angela Diane Photography is proud to offer a collection of the most unique and highest quality products in the industry, from heirloom albums to fine art wall products which compliment any home decor. Create your own collection with signature products and choose your own custom art pieces to match the style of your home.

Heirloom Fine Art Albums

These luxury albums feature thick mounted pages and a lay-flat design. Cover options include genuine leather, or linen cover with debossed text or cameo cutout to feature your favorite image. Each album comes with 20 pages (10 spreads, which can accommodate 20-30 images) as well as a clean layout designed by Angie. A simple yet elegant charcoal grey box is provided to store your album.

leather family album cameo
debossed leather album

Signature Folio Box

These beautiful 8×10 handcrafted boxes come in a variety of leatherette, linen, or a custom image cover to choose from. Inside are 10 or 15 matted 5×7 prints ready to frame and includes a wooden easel to display your favorite image. Folio boxes are a modern twist on the traditional albums and make a wonderful heirloom keepsake.

folio bos prints stand
folio box blue
folio box 5x7 prints

Metal Float Mount

A new art medium for preserving photos by infusing dyes directly into specially coated aluminum sheets. Because the image is infused into the surface and not on it, your images will take on an almost magical luminescence. The ultra-hard scratch-resistant surface is waterproof/weatherproof and can be cleaned easily.

metal float print boy alley
metal float mount

Gallery Wrapped Canvas

All of our canvases are comprised of high quality materials to insure our customers receive the best possible product:
My canvas gallery wraps were carefully selected for their exquisite quality and beauty. Each canvas has a full image wrapped around 1.5” deep frame made of high grade hardwood. They come with a UV resistant coating to give your canvas a longer life and are ready to hang. Every Image is professionally prepared and sharpened for the size it is being printed at, and adjustments to extend the image are also made if necessary.

canvas family photo fall leaves
gallery wrapped canvas corner

Framed Fine Art Prints

Framed Prints are a stunning and timeless way to display your fine art portraits. They are glassless as they have a premium lustre glare free coating on top of the photo for protection and are fully finished and ready to hang. Pricing includes both print and frame. There are 3 categories of frame types vary in price.

Acrylic Block

Acrylic Blocks elevate your images into modern art. They are a solid 1″ thick and stand on their own either vertically or horizontally. Each edge is polished to a crystal-clear finish. The high-gloss acrylic layer magnifies the color and definition of the print beneath it.

acrylic block girl wind
acrylic block photo

Accordion Mini Books

These adorable accordion mini books make great pocket sizes photo gifts to show off your session. Each book measures 3″x3″ when folded and comes in a set of 3. They can fit up to 10 images plus a front and back cover and are printed using premium press printed card stock with hand made covers. All books are custom designed just for you.

Custom Designed Cards

Custom designed photo cards are great for birth announcements, Christmas, birthday invitations, thanks-yous, and more. You will have an entire library of predesigned templates to choose from, or Angie can custom design something especially for you. Cards are printed on premium press printed card stock and are flat two-sided 5×7.